Wednesday the 25th

David had another surgery on his leg yesterday (hopefully his last).  They took out the vacuum and closed it with a skin graft.  That is great news.  Some more great news is that David took his first steps on Monday since the accident.  Using a walker and a physical therapist for support he actually walked about 50 feet.  He is having some more neurological testing today to see if they can figure out his right hand.  His left hand is doing well, just some numbness now.  His right hand is still not functioning, but the doctors are still hopeful that he will have complete use of it again.  David believes he moved it a little bit yesterday.  For those of you who don’t know, David is left handed.

We have made some new friends since being in Munich and one stopped by yesterday and took the photo below.  Her name is Jacqueline, and she is actually the individual who is responsible for helping us decide to come to Munich and finding us the medical evacuation assistance.  She is the sister of a Presbyterian missionary in Lviv that helped us immediately after the accident.

David, Shannon, Jesse and Jeremiah after David’s ‘walk’ yesterday.


30 thoughts on “Wednesday the 25th

  1. This is such encouraging news! We continue to put you into the Light and pray for healing, hope and strength. We have two members of our church traveling to Munich in late August; if you are still there and David is up for a visit they have offered to visit and bring personal greetings from us here at Duncan Memorial. Just passing that on as an offer.

  2. Shannon and David, It is wonderful to hear this news, PRAISE GOD! Thanks for picture, it is great to be able to see you guys this way. Our prayers for all the family are continuing. Stay strong and lean on Him, our Rock. Love to all! Jack

  3. What wonderful news! We’re so grateful for all the healing that has taken place so far, and continue prayers that David be fully restored. To see you all smiling, and David holding Jeremiah, is such balm for troubled spirits. Keep us posted on all these encouraging developments, and we’ll keep praying you up and praising God’s goodness.

  4. You all look great despite all that has been going on. Praise the Lord for the progress that is being made. We’ll keep praying!

  5. Shannon, what good news! We continue to pray for you and your family and join others in our church family & small group in praying for you. Praising God for His mighty & powerful healing!

    Jim & Debbie Narramore

  6. It’s great to hear good news, we’re praying for you daily! Praise God for his healing and much love to you all from your family at Good Shepherd!

    Desirie Dougall

  7. Praise God for all the progress being made! Love the family picture. We continue to keep you in our prayers and send our love all the way from Houston!! We know God will continue to bless you and give you courage and strength.

  8. Oh, guys. What a wonderful picture. So glad to see David in an upright position and smiling. We’ll keep praying….you keep working on getting all better. Love you.

  9. So great! Praise God for good progress! Thanks for keeping us posted. My whole Sunday School class and friends have been praying for ya’ll.

  10. Praising God for the good news and continuing to pray for complete healing. Love the family picture! Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings to all of you.

  11. Great to see you smiling! I was just telling Jackie how you need to get that righthand going so you can fish and then Shannon reminded me you are lefthanded. Love you guys!

  12. Woohoo!!!!! We will continue to praise God for your healing here in Versailles! Thank you soo much for the picture… It does a heart good to see your smiling family:-). We love you guys!!!!!

  13. Love the family portrait & all those smiles! We can see all the prayers are being answered! We’ll just keep praying for continued healing and more good news! Love & hugs to all of y’all! Donnie & Paula

  14. Mr. David, brother from another mother!!!! I am so happy to see you guys smiling. In one month and a half we will be wherever you guys are. We love you so much and miss you tons. Stay strong guys. See you soon.S

  15. Hello from Houston! So glad to hear that David is improving & you have a place to stay. Loved the picture of your family. Our prayers continue for each of you and David’s healing. May God strengthen you both daily.

  16. This sure brightened my day to see you all up and smiling! Faith Bridge, TUMC, and others have kept you in our prayers. We are so relieved that you are progressing so well. Shannon, you are amazing to be able to handle all this with those 2 beautiful children by your side. David, keep up the good work in rehab! Love, Patti and Gary

  17. So happy to hear that recovery is going well and that y’all are together for support. One question on the L’Viv activities. In early August I need to tell Upper Room whether to ship Sept/Oct issues. Is someone coming in temporarily and, if so, to whom and where do I have them sent? If I don’t hear from you by Aug 3, I will cancel this shipment.
    Your Brother in Christ,

  18. So wonderful to see you smiling and we are praising God for David’s progress. Know that our church and small group and many others are lifting you up in prayer.

  19. So glad to hear the good news and to see a photo of you all together and with beautiful smiles! We are keeping the prayers coming, knowing that God is the great healer! Blessings to all of you!

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