Rehab in Germany

David continues to recover each and everyday.  It’s amazing to see his progress.  Today he had all of his stitches from his surgery removed, and walked on crutches.  But even though his recovery is steady, he is still in a fragile state and is in no way ready for international travel.  David continues to have MRI’s and neurological testing almost everyday, but today we were told that David will be ready to be released to a rehab center by the end of the week.  So on Thursday, David will be moved to a rehab center about an hour from Munich.  We will not get to see him as often, but we are very happy about the treatment he will receive.  He currently is scheduled to be there from 2-3 weeks.

Jesse has been warming back up to his father after experiencing a lot of confusion as to why he is always in bed, can’t go outside and can’t play.  I hope you enjoy the photos of Jesse and his father getting reacquainted.

Jesse was able to ride with his dad all the way to David’s MRI on Friday.

Jesse and daddy sharing a German pretzel. We were able to take David out of the hospital on Saturday to a nearby restaurant for lunch. This was the first time David has been outside since we left Ukraine.

Jesse helping David out. Jesse was pushing his sleeping brother in the stroller, we thought this was a better alternative.




14 thoughts on “Rehab in Germany

  1. David, can’t believe how good you are looking. I’m impressed by you, brother.
    Love the pictures with you and Jesse.
    Rusty Teeter

  2. We enjoyed the pictures too. You are looking good. Hope to see you in Munich next week. Give the boys a hug for us.
    Bob and Betty

  3. So many are praying for you, Shannon, and the boys. Thankful for your continued improvement. Will be praying for your strength and stamina in rehab. Blessing to you, Susan & Bob Dillard

  4. Great news shannon – we continue to remember you in our prayers. I’m glad Jesse’s getting his exercise pushing that chair around. Ha.

  5. It is so good to see David up and out of the bed! His smile tells us so much. I know that he is anxious to get into rehab so that he can begin to rebuild what he has lost. We shared the picture of the Goran Family in the hospital room in church this past Sunday. Everyone is so anxious to hear about his progress and how the rest of you are doing. Try to get some rest yourself, Shannon.

  6. Great to see David and Jesse bonding again. I know that it is hard for small children to understand these kind of things. Will be praying the rehab goes well and that Shannon and the boys will be able to rest and to get through in peace the weeks ahead. Blessings!

  7. It is great to see and hear that you are improving. Our prayers from Bynum United Metodist Church in North Carolina continue to be with you and Shannon. Enjoyed the pictures alot. Peace be with you!

    Home Missioner Charles Barrow

  8. Although we know the pictures don’t tell the whole story, they are very encouraging! We’ll keep up the prayers, you keep up the healing. Anxious to see you! Ja
    Jack & Donna

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