David in Rehab

David was moved to a rehabilitation facility last Thursday.  He met with his assigned doctor and was given a rehab schedule.  He is busy 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday.  We are being told he will be there approximately three weeks, and then he will return to the hospital so they can check him out again and clear him for international travel.

The boys and I went to visit him on Saturday and Sunday.  It’s a nice area with space for Jesse to run.

David is now checking his email.  Feel free to write him some words of encouragement.  Thanks everyone for you letters, your calls, your emails and your prayers.


11 thoughts on “David in Rehab

  1. Aunt Ginger keeps us posted and if it too long between posts we get cranky.
    We continue to keep all of you in our prayers, travel mercies for those coming and going, and for your host family.
    Love Mary W.

  2. We are following David’s recovery. All our prayers to you all during this difficult time. I hear You, Shannon, are a true Pillar of Strength. You always have been remarkable in my eyes. I know how tough this can be, with children and all the paper work to travel. We are so proud of you. i loved seeing pictures of your boys. They are adorable. I know their little faces will always help get through the day. I look forward to seeing you all again. We are back in Spring now. Take care of yourself too. From onw who knows! 🙂 Love Sue & Coy Case

  3. Shannon, we are just so happy to learn that David is in rehab and is doing so much better. God is good!!! I continue to think of you and the boys and hope that you are finding time for a little rest yourself. I can only imagine how impossible this can be with two little active ones but it is important for you to stay healthy for David. Please let us know of ANY WAY we can be of help to you all.

  4. Shannon, David, and Boys, I met you when you were here at Grace UMC in Manassas, was a part of the group coming the week of the accident. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Continue to gain strength from God and all of us who care so deeply for you. . . Being a nurse I know the miracles of modern medicine – continue to work with the rehab staff and read the internet as well. Looking forward to the email that says you are coming back to the great USA. In the meantime keep up the pace. . Love to All, ‘
    Katie Swenson

  5. David, Shannon, Glad things are getting a little better for you. Shannon I know you are glad Bob and Betty are there now. Your mother, my sister is a great little nurse maid and a wonderful helper. That’s why I like to go to my sister’s house when I need that extra attention. You are so blessed with such outstanding parents. I hope you allow them to bring the boys home, so you can focus on David and his recovery. There are plenty of people here to help them out withJesse ans Jeremiah and they will be in good hands.Maybe a little more spoiled ! Love ya’ll
    Aunt Marcy

  6. HI Shannon and David, SO grateful to see that David’s health is continuing to improve. We here at Good Shepherd are continuing to lift you in prayer. I’ve had some people asking how you are and wondering when you will be coming to the US. Now that I see your update, I’ll let them know they David is in rehab for a couple more weeks. May you both and your children continue to uplifted in the hands of the Lord. Our hearts are with you, we are one in the Spirit!
    Claiming the healing power of Jesus Christ in you and for you, Robyn Bishop and the family of Good Shepherd

  7. Hi Shannon and David, we were a little slow in hearing of your accident but have been praying for you constantly since we learned about it. (Wesley UM in Marshall MN) We are so glad to hear of David’s improvements. Hope he is ok’d for international travel soon. Praise God for providing the housing. I’m sure that is a big help and relief. Just want you to know that we are parying and thinking about you. God is still good no matter our circumstances. Blessings!
    Pam Johnson

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