Headed Home

David finished his three weeks of in-patient rehabilitation.  He was discharged on Thursday.

Somehow in the rush to pack I forgot to pack work-out shorts for David (probably because rehab was not yet on my radar). These were sent to him from his brother in law, Sergi…they are the same shorts the USA basketball team wore during the Olympics.

Today, Friday, we had a 9am doctor’s appointment at the hospital.  After x-rays, discussions, reading medical records, and an exam, David was cleared for international travel.

Jesse and David walking home for a weekend visit.

The children have been home since Tuesday.  My parents took them to David’s parent’s in Champaign.  We miss them terribly, and are ready to get home.

Through the window at the home where we are staying.

And now we have tickets for tomorrow, Saturday the 25th.  We will be in Chicago by dinner.  We’re ready to be home.

One of our weekend visits to David, visiting a nearby lake.


18 thoughts on “Headed Home

  1. Marvelous news – so many answered prayers for recovery and progress in rehab. Enjoy your time with the family and I look forward to visiting with you in Houston.


  2. Such sweet pictures. We are so thankful that you guys are on the way home. God has answered the prayers of the many people everywhere praying for you and I know that he will continue to answer those prayers. God bless you.

  3. Who is that little man walking with David? And what is Jeremiah doing on his knees? How did they both grow up so much in 6 weeks?
    It was so good getting to talk with you both last night. Safe travels tomorrow!

  4. Overjoyed, thankful for healing, praying for safe travels – such a wonderful post. The love in your family shines through all your beautiful pictures. Adam and I hope your trip goes quickly so you can hug your sweet sons soon. DRU

  5. Praying for safe and smooth travel for both of you, restoration of David’s health, and joy in the reuniting of your family.

  6. Wonderful news! I’m so happy for y’all! Have a great flight home! Praying that David continues his remarkable recovery!

  7. Wonderful news, have a safe flight home to your family. They will b e so glad to be with you again. You two are just remarkable and inspirational. Love to you all, Sue & Coy

  8. Oh YEAH!
    Pastor David is back in action!!! Guys, you won’t believe how glad I am to see you two on that photo by the lake! Best wishes to you and may God heal what’s left fast!

  9. Shannon,

    We are happy and relieved you are going to the States. Can’t wait til you are all reunited again.

    Much love,

    Becky and Don Orin

  10. Oh Shannon and David, we are so happy for you two! This has been such an incredible struggle for your family but you appear to have come through it so well. We continue to lift you up at Grace Church in Manassas as well as the two of us.

  11. Shel Doerksen

    Praise God! So glad are doing so well. We here at Christ UMC in College Station have been following your progress. What a miracle. Blessing to all.

  12. David and Shannon, can’t tell you how excited I was today to talk with Trish and hear you were all here in the states!!!! Thrilled that you are continuing to improve, David. You are all constantly in my prayers. God is my constant companion and is being very faithful to my family and me. We had Dave’s graveside service on Friday and it is so good to have him here. You are so right, it has been a long forty days. But I am so thankful we made this trip! It was such a blessing to be with you all in Ukraine. I think about the ministry and pray for all daily. Love to you all! Cathy Nevotti

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