A few days ago Shannon and I received some terrible news.  In the wake of the tragedy our community experienced little over two months ago, we now have to also bear the death of our friend Maksem Semenov.  We do not know the details of his passing, except that it was a tragic accident.  Maks was working in Thailand temporarily, trying to make some money so that he could get married.  He was on his way home to L’viv, planning a surprise visit to his girlfriend, Nadya.

If you don’t know him, Maks was a recent graduate of the Greek Catholic University and had served on the leadership team at the student center.  He was abundantly joyful, an uninhibited free spirit who frequently made all of us smile and laugh.  He pushed limits, he made people think, and this young man was fearless and unashamed of his faith when sharing the gospel.  Maks was also the person who brought Illya to the student center for the first time.

What is there to say?  Part of me only wants to tear my clothes and curse God.  Another part of me is fighting with everything I have to lean into faith, to search for something tangible so that I can taste and feel an inkling of hope in the promises of resurrection.  Please pray that God would have mercy on us and our small community in L’viv.  We need Him now.

We love you Maks.



10 thoughts on “Maks

  1. You don’t even know me,but , I will be praying for you today and will ask my congregation to pray for you as well,yes your community has suffered much in the past two months , and most of the time in these moments, it is hard to see Gods love, .When you are suffering remember that God is suffering more, all he wants is for us to love him, it is not Gods hand that caused these accidents,but it is God’s love and your faith that will bring you through this , you must in moments like this THAT GOD FOR HIS LOVE AND GRACE FOR YOU.

  2. I can only imagine your grief in your loss and on top of all that you have suffered through. Prayers continue to go out for you, your family, your ministry, and everyone involved. God is with you always even when we don’t understand.

  3. So sorry to hear of your loss. Question on Upper Rooms. 50 copies of Sept/Oct issue were sent. Do you have any idea if they were received. Should I continue sending, and if so, to what name and address? Myk

    It’s not what you gather, but what you scatter, that tells what kind of life you have lived.

  4. Our prayers remain with you, your community, and all of Maks friends, family and fellow Christians. We will David a speedy recovery so you can return to L’viv.

  5. So sorry to hear the loss of yet another young man with a heart for Christ. I pray for the Lviv community daily and your complete healing, David. You and Shannon and the boys are in my heart and I love you all. Stay strong in your love of our Lord and Savior! Cathy Nevotti

  6. It’s so difficult to know what to say in times like these so I will simply say that I am deeply sorry for this most recent loss. I pray that you sense God’s presence in these days.

  7. Praying God protects your heart! Praying you will see and feel his comfort and peace in all this. Praying he wraps his loving arms around you. Lifting you up! ♥

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