Thank You Addendum

After writing the previous blog, I talked to one of our interns, Katie.  She reminded me of some other individuals who helped us through the accident.  When she told me who they were and what they did, I was quite upset with myself for forgetting or not knowing.  The young people in our ministry were absolutely amazing and helped out immediately in whatever way they saw they could serve.

The first group I want to say thank you to are the young ladies who took care of our precious children.  There were 4 girls, Maryana K., Maryana S., Olya W. and Olya H. who cared for my children for almost 48 hours.  I honestly did not think about this very much as it was happening because I knew my children were in the best hands possible of people who they already knew and loved.  I ran through the house at one point, and six of our young people where taking the two boys out for a walk.

The second group are the individuals who did all kinds of service for the American team.  I know our friend Yura used his car to shuttle people all around town to places they needed to be in a timely fashion.    Maria, who was the student intern for the team and was present at the accident, translated all day between the team and the police and other government officials.  She also cared for the team as they needed.  Nastia L., also translated between Americans and Ukrainians all day, and the next.   Our friends Dale and Olya W. also helped care for the team, including making sure everyone was fed.

I know there is no way to thank everyone.  There is probably no way to even know who all to thank.  But after Katie reminded me of these individuals I felt the need to write this blog.  Katie said our home turned into the ‘new’ ministry space immediately and that everyone was trying to help and assist were needed. We are truly part of a faithful community.  Thank you everyone.






2 thoughts on “Thank You Addendum

  1. You are amazing. God is so wonderful. For months and years to come you will find out all kinds of things that were taking place. When we can try to visualize God’s army of Angels that we pray to God to go before us and then someone tells us it was truly happening it restores our faith and lets us know we are not alone in our time of crisis. God is showing me tiny glimpses of that in my own life to keep me hopeful and prayerful and I thank him for that. Keep writing it down and it will be used in the future for God and your ministry. Psalm 143:10 When David is crying out for God to help him. Teach me to do thy will, for thou art my God; thy spirit is good, lead me into the land of uprightness. (some translations say level ground).


    Becky Orin

  2. You are very very welcome and thank you both so much for being such a great example for everyone even during this horrible accident. We love you and miss you so much!!!!

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