The Healer of healers, our Lord!

It seems quite frequently these days that someone writes us and asks, how is David doing?  We’ll, when I am not trying my best to monitor these two monkeys, I am usually focused on my recovery.  And I realize that it has been a while since we have given an update on my health, so to answer that question more fully, I would like to quote my wife who was commenting on my progress as we walked out of a follow up appointment I had yesterday with the trauma and rehabilitation physician: “David, you are basically 100% better.”   I, who still am feeling a bit limited, of course disagreed. “100% Shannon, really?”  Then Shannon, with her stern and convincing voice, said “Yes, 100%: from the beginning in that hospital in Lviv, to the evacuation plane,  compared to where you are now, David you are an entirely different person.”  She is right, you know.  Of course I am not completely back to my old self, but in many big and small ways my life now is more normal than abnormal.

I have been doing out-patient physical therapy for two weeks. The very first thing the therapist decided was that I ought to try to kick off the crutches.  I gladly complied and ever since then therapists have been kicking my butt, literally, trying to get the muscles in my core and legs back into form.  I have been doing all kinds of funny stretches, weight lifting, strange balance exercises, and then also surviving some pretty torturous massage type therapies.  The result of all this is that my walking is in fact getting better.  While I began looking like something akin to a cowboy who had just dismounted a horse, perhaps now I look more like a young man who you think may just be limping around because he thinks it makes him look cool.

My hand is also getting some attention.  I have been doing various types of isolation weightlifting, endurance exercises, and have also received some light electrotherapy.  These things too are paying off. While just two months ago I could barely twitch two of the many effected muscles, now I am pretty close to full mobility and 40% strength!  So, really I am doing so much better.  I still have a fair bit of therapy yet to do, but I am enjoying life with a much healthier body.  I may not be running, but now I can gimp chase Jesse around the back yard when he says, “Daddy, Daddy, chase Jesse!”  I may not be pouring myself glasses milk from a full gallon container yet, but I am finally attempting to hold the squirmy legs of our very oversized Jeremiah as I change his diaper (not all of the renewed capabilities are so wonderful).  I still am not playing my beloved basketball at my former levels of backyard greatness, but I am losing to  Shannon in periodic games of H-o-r-s-e (I hardly ever won against her anyways).

As grateful as I am for modern medicine’s role in my recovery (and I really am incredibly grateful),  I also want to say that above all else, God has been so good to me: I can hardly believe that just three months later I am on my way to full recovery.  One of our former students said it best in an email she sent to us recently, and to her comment I apply my ‘Amen’:”I know medicine in the States is far better than in Ukraine, but my desire is to give all the credit for it to the Healer of healers, our Lord!”




10 thoughts on “The Healer of healers, our Lord!

  1. David, thank you so much for sharing your progress with us. It is encouraging to me and I would guess to all. Your Mom once comforted me with Jeremiah 29:11. I return to it often. May it comfort you.

  2. Keep after him, Shannon! A good game of P-I-G can also be invigorating on those off-days when David’s not up to losing to you at H-O-R-S-E. David, so glad to know you can chase Jesse again, and help care for The Incredible Growing Jeremiah. Keep up with the therapy sessions and you’ll be back in L’viv before you know it! God bless and keep you all.

  3. David, I am so glad that have gotten a chance to get to know you and your family better! If you ever want to work on that hand/diaper agility more, you are welcome to have a crack at changing Rebekah’s diaper 😉

    God is so good to us, thanks for sharing!

  4. David and Shannon,
    It is so good to hear your good news! Yes, praise and thanks goes to the Lord! I’m keeping up with ya’ll somewhat thru conversations with Shannon’s mother at BSF at our church. So glad you have a trip to Kentucky and Branson to look forward to! I know you’ll enjoy the change of scenery and being with family! Love to all of you!
    Nancy Bell

  5. So thankful to hear of your continued good progress, David. God is so good.
    Love to you and Shannon and the boys!
    Cathy Nevotti

  6. David, we are so happy to hear that you are continuing to recover so well! You, Shannon and the boys are constantly in our prayers. Thanks so much for the updates.

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