My boys

A lot of people have asked about our boys, especially our friends in Ukraine who haven’t seen them in person in almost four months.  The following pictures are from the last week, enjoying our fall in Champaign.

Jesse asked for an apple. This is what I found him doing with it.

Jeremiah is after his father’s apple pie that he just made over a campfire.

Jesse picking out his pumpkin for Halloween.

Jeremiah with his pumpkins at Curtis Orchard.

Jesse cleaning our his pumpkin in order to roast the seeds.

Jesse checking out his uncle Danny’s turkey. Danny went out deer hunting and came back with a turkey.

Jesse decorating his trick-or-treating bag.

Jesse wanted to be an airplane for Halloween.

David made the place out of a pampers box.

Jesse went trick-or-treating with his cousin Archer.

And Jeremiah went as a pumpkin.

Everyone enjoyed this smiley pumpkin.


5 thoughts on “My boys

  1. What fun y’all must have with those two boys. Thanks for the pictures. My favorite is Jesse as an airplane-it’s great!
    Patsy Johnson

  2. Dear David and Shannon, So sorry we haven’t been back to your blog in quite awhile. We’re back in the States for the holidays and have been busy dealing with Mark’s mom’s second round of Ovarian cancer surgery. Between hour-long trips to the hospital (sound familiar?) and getting moved back into our remodeled house in Cupertino, we’ve been really busy. Just in time for our kids and grandkids to arrive tomorrow. Sooooooooo glad to hear all is going so well with David’s recovery. Keep us posted about potential return to the Ukraine. Continuing to lift you all up in prayer, Mark and Bobbi McCamish

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