Resigning from Missionary Service

As of last week, Shannon and I officially put in our resignation from missionary service with the General Board of Global Ministries.  This has not been an easy decision for us.  Ever since the accident we fully intended to return to our ministry and our lives in Ukraine.  We so deeply have wanted to go serve and live with our Ukrainian friends, so many who have become like family.  But as more time has passed, it has become clear for multiple reasons that it is best for us not to return.

Although we will not be able to return to Ukraine and say goodbye, as advised by GBGM and the Russian bishop, we are immensely grateful for technology like Skype which enables us to say real goodbyes without actually being physically present.  We broke the news to those in the ministry last week and since have been able to talk to many of our dear friends in person.  We are also very grateful to have the opportunity for one final gathering with everyone in the ministry, at our weekly Pilgrims meeting, joining with people from the the church and the student ministry to give a final word of encouragement, hope, and love.

Shannon and I cannot express how proud we are of our Ukrainian leaders.  They have stood so strong and faithful during such a trying time and they will continue to be strong and set a path for the future.  We work with the very best and brightest people, they are the hope of the nation, and we really believe that.  Please keep them in your prayers as they work through this news and begin to think about their future.

If you are one of our supporters, an individual or a church, we will be in contact with you shortly.  During April and May we will be on a short itineration and we would be honored to share one more time with you and your church.

Thank you for all of your support during this time, and thank you for your support of God’s mission.

In His Graces,

David and Shannon


7 thoughts on “Resigning from Missionary Service

  1. David & Shannon, We will definitely be praying for you as you make this transition and the Lord leads you into the next areas of ministry. Keep us posted and if you want to visit we always have a room waiting.
    The Dillards

  2. This news is bittersweet. L’viv won’t be the same without you there, yet somewhere here in the states there is a community of faith waiting to welcome you and the boys. God grant you peace as you move through the transition from GBGM and into a placement here in the U.S.

  3. My heart and prayers are with you. I have been so blessed to know that there is a strong Christian witness and work in the Ukraine. God Used your service there to strengthen young believers who are now “on fire” for the Lord. I will remember them. You helped them start a church–just like Paul started churches. With technology you can still stay in touch and encourage them. The Ukraine is special to me because my Mennonite ancestors migrated from that area during the late 1800’s. Blessings and continued healing for David. thank you for your contact. Greta Snell,

  4. I know this was a very difficult decision for both of you. I wish you both all the best as you seek a new ministry home here in the states and hope to see you once you’ve settled in to a new location.


  5. We love you both and support your decision with all our hearts. You are doing the right thing. As I said to you the Sunday you were at church (SLFUMC) God will use you both wherever you are. I know you have a heart for the Ukraine, I do too, but God will use you here. Now more than ever family is so precious and I am sure you are loving making up for all the years you were away. Now you are so close to your relatives in the states. They were awesome in your time of need. God will plug you in to leadership. It will be exciting. Hold on and get ready for a new adventure!

    Keep us updated.


    Becky and Don Orin

  6. We can’t understand how difficult this must be for you, but know that our prayers are with you. I am so confident that God will use you both powerfully for His glory, wherever he chooses to let you serve. You and your family are in our prayers.

    The Engels (MAFMC)

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