Baby Gender Reveal

Due to a few requests, we are going to post a family video where we ‘revealed’ the sex of the new baby a few weeks ago.  After not finding out with Jesse and Jeremiah and with every intention to continue that trend, a conversation with our doctor (who is awesome) convinced us to change it up this time.  We found out for ourselves, and then the same day decided to tell some of the family by filling a pinata with gender revealing candy: blue for boy, pink for girl.  It’s a long video and yes, it is slightly disturbing that Elmo appears to be hanging by a rope and is being beaten, but this is who we are and it is very goranimal…ish.  Feel free to click to the end to see the end result if you don’t have 8 minutes to spare.  If you do have 8 minutes, it’s super cute.  The oldest child is our Jesse, the little blond one is our nephew Archer, and the round one is Jeremiah.




6 thoughts on “Baby Gender Reveal

  1. Congrats you two on another boy!!! So great to see y’all in motion with your 2 little ones. Everyone seems to be doing well and you all look great! Blessings, Tawndee

  2. The destruction of the Elmo piñata was hilarious. I pray that son #3 is healthy and precious just like his brothers. Patsy Johnson

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