Appointed! Holy Covenant United Methodist Church in Katy, Texas.

After living in a nebulous limbo regarding our future for almost 10 months, a couple of weeks ago the Goranimals finally floated to solid ground.  We are very happy and excited to announce that I have been appointed to serve as the associate pastor at Holy Covenant United Methodist Church in Katy, Texas.  My appointment begins on July 1st.

And can you believe it?  This already happened!


Until then, we will continue to tie up loose ends and finish up our service as missionaries through the month of May.  And that reminds me, even though it is already over today on the other side of the earth, Христос воскрес! Христос воскрес! Христос воскрес!  Ми триматися за це, брати і сестри, і ми за вами скучаємо!  Нехай буде він живий у всіх ваших життях і ми з нетерпінням чекаємо того дня, коли ми будемо всі разом і перед престолі слави Ісуса. Господи прийди!


12 thoughts on “Appointed! Holy Covenant United Methodist Church in Katy, Texas.

  1. What an exciting time for the Goranimals……new church, new home and new baby all in one year. You are blessed. I visited Holy Covenant’s website tonight; Your new church is awesome. We are so happy for you all. Congrats!

  2. That’s fantadtic David – look forward to having you closer to us. Hope your appointment will still allow you to share a new ministry to you, but a very important one to me, Kairos 50 in June at Carol Vance.


  3. Congratulatiions, David and Shannon! Jessie and Jer Bear and new J( I bet)
    So happy for you all and it will be nice to have you close to Sugar Land!
    Love to you all!

  4. Congratulations to both of you. Be sure to get that new home inspected before you close.

    Mr. P

    On Sun, May 5, 2013 at 8:42 PM, Goranimals…

  5. David and Shannon, we are so happy for you and the family! We are anxious to get to L’viv in July to see what is happening to the wonderful foundation that the two of you have built in the lives of so many young people.

  6. So, funny story, one of the pastors leaving Holy Covenant UMC is coming to the church where I was baptized in Cincinnati. It’s a small, small world! And we truly are a connectional church.

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