Blog Shift

Even though we are returning from missionary service and will no longer need this blog to update and inform supporters, Shannon and I have decided to keep ‘Goranimals’  up and running.  From now on this medium will serve informally to share things happening in our family and with friends.  It will probably also include the occasional reflection on life and ministry.  Feel free to keep following if you like, however, we are not the least bit offended if you do not.  Thank you for faithfully being with us these last five years.

It has been a good run Goranimals blog!  We bid you goodbye as the growing family of llamas from the back of an rusted old red truck, transplanted to Ukraine!

In the spirit of the new blog, here are some pictures from a very special day yesterday, which happened to be both Mother’s Day and Jesse’s 3rd birthday.

IMG_5560 IMG_5593 IMG_5838 IMG_5775 IMG_5755 IMG_5751 IMG_5745 IMG_5691 IMG_5628


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